WELCOME to Tüb.bz™

Tüb.bz™ allows you to create a short URL that can be effectively used instead of a long URL. Enter a long URL in the textbox above and click "Make Short" to create a short URL. Once you create a short URL, you can not only access the URL you have shortened but almost any page in the site by appending the path after the short URL.

In addition to shortening your url we also provide the ability to redirect with or without cloaking your link. This is beneficial to those with affiliate links. Not only does it protect your affiliate ID it also keeps your email links from breaking due to shrinking your URL.

For those promoting for more than one affiliate program, we offer the option of displaying 2 other ads at the top of the page. We only offer 468X60 graphics size for this option.

Twitter got you all up in a dither over 140 characters. No problem, just feed that long URL to Tüb.bz™ and it will spit out one of the shortest URL's out there. Better yet you can update your Twitter Status directly from Tüb.bz™.

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